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What is IP Accelerator?
Amazon Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator connects brands with a curated network of trusted service providers (providers) which offer trademark registration services at competitive rates. These providers are experienced in trademark registration, and can help brands secure registrations at Trademark Offices worldwide.
How do I get started with IP Accelerator?
Simply click the orange “Get started” button on https://brandservices.amazon.se/ipaccelerator to browse and select a provider based on your needs (e.g., service, location, languages offered).
How do I contact an IP Accelerator service provider?
If you are a seller on Amazon (have a Seller Central account), log in to your selling account and click on “Contact Provider” within the firm’s page and complete the form provided.

If you are not a seller on Amazon, but a vendor or otherwise interested in the program, and would still like to work with one of the service providers, please go to the Contact us link in the footer on https://brandservices.amazon.se/ipaccelerator and select “I want to contact an IP Accelerator law firm” from the dropdown.
Which email address should I use when I contact an IP Accelerator legal provider?
When you reach out to the service providers, please use the email address associated with your Brand Registry account. If you do not have a Brand Registry account yet, keep in mind that you must use the same email address for Brand Registry enrollment as you used to contact IP Accelerator. Using the same email address will prevent delays in the Brand Registry application process and will simplify access to selling benefits post enrollment into Brand Registry.
What will happen after I send my initial email to the IP Accelerator service provider?
After you contact one of the service providers, allow at least two business days for a response. You may contact as many or as few providers as you like. There is no charge to contact a provider, only if you engage them to undertake work for you.
How do I start my trademark application?
If you decide to work with one of the service providers and agree to their terms, you will collaborate with them on obtaining your intellectual property and they will work with you through the process.
When will I be able to enroll in Brand Registry?
Once your trademark application has been filed with the appropriate trademark or intellectual property office, the service provider will notify you when you are ready to enroll in Brand Registry.
How do I apply for Brand Registry?
Once your service provider notifies you that your trademark application has been submitted, you may follow these steps to apply for Brand Registry:

• Navigate to https://brandregistry.amazon.se
Note: If you are logging in to Brand Registry for the first time, be sure to use the same email address you used to contact IP Accelerator. Failing to use the same email address may cause delays in your Brand Registry enrollment.
• Review and accept the terms and conditions.
• Click “Enroll a brand” on the left-hand side of your screen.
• Complete the enrollment form for a pending trademark and click “Submit.” Once you have submitted your application, we will review your Information and respond with our decision.
In which countries can I use IP Accelerator to connect me with service providers?
The program itself is available to brands worldwide. Service providers currently in the IP Accelerator program are based in the Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.
What languages can the IP Accelerators law firms use to help me with my application?
IP Accelerator providers are able to service brands in 13 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Gujarati, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic. Please note that language support varies by provider and be sure to check for language availability when contacting a provider.
What Brand Registry benefits will I be able to access?
Registering your brand with Brand Registry gives you access to the following benefits:
  • Automated protections: When you provide data about your brand, products, and intellectual property, we implement preventative protections using advanced machine learning that help prevent bad listings
  • Powerful search and report tools: You will have access to the Report a Violation tool that provides text and image-based searching capabilities and simplifies the process of reporting potential infringements (e.g. trademark, copyright and patent infringements) with multiple features designed specifically for brands.
  • Other brand-building benefits: You will be eligible to enroll in brand building programs such as A+ Content, Brand Stores, Sponsored Brands, and more. For more information, please refer to our brand building tools page.
Which brand protection benefits will I be eligible for once my trademark is fully registered?
Once your trademark is fully registered with a Trademark Office, Brand Registry will unlock eligibility for advanced counterfeit protection programs such as Transparency, Project Zero, and Counterfeit Crimes Unit. Note that availability of these programs varies by country.
  • Transparency helps prevent the listing, sale, and shipment of inaccurate or counterfeit products. With Transparency’s unit-level serialization, you can proactively protect your brand and customers from counterfeit products, improve customer engagement, and identify supply chain defects.
  • Accurate use of the Report a Violation tool within Brand Registry can make you eligible for Amazon Project Zero, which gives you the ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings – without the need to contact us.
  • Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit works with brands, law enforcement, and customers to stop bad actors and hold them accountable.
Do I need to be a seller on Amazon or sell to Amazon Retail in order to use IP Accelerator?
Yes, IP Accelerator is only available to Seller Central users. The most direct way to use IP Accelerator is through the IP Accelerator page under the Service Provider Network found in Seller Central. If you do not have a Seller Central account, you can create one here.
How much does IP Accelerator cost?
Amazon does not charge a fee to connect you with service providers. When you select a service provider, you work with and pay them directly.

Amazon has pre-negotiated rates for the below services covering a single brand for a single class of goods or services. Additional fees will apply for other services including searching for multiple brands, filing for additional types of intellectual property (e.g., patents) etc.
Maximum service fees
A high-level brand search of EUIPO records for relevant pending applications or registrations.
250 EUR (2.717 SEK)
A high-level brand search of both EUIPO and the National IPO Records.
350 EUR (3.805 SEK)
A comprehensive brand review including EUIPO records and unregistered uses.
1000 EUR (10.331 SEK)
A comprehensive brand review including EUIPO and National IPO records and unregistered uses.
1150 EUR (11.884 SEK)
Filing an EUIPO trademark application.
450 EUR (4.649 SEK)
Filing a Sweden national IPO trademark application.
325 EUR (3.357 SEK)
Filing both EUIPO and Sweden national IPO trademark applications.
725 EUR (7.490 SEK)
Please note that the fee schedule is meant to serve as a ceiling for fees charged for the services identified. Participating firms are permitted to provide the identified services at lower rates, offer value-add services or offer higher value services at the negotiated ceiling, but should not exceed the pre-negotiated rates.

Amounts represent service fees and do not reflect government filing fees. Rates represent filing a single mark in a single class of goods or services. Additional fees may apply for other services not contemplated by this schedule (e.g. searching for multiple marks, filing for additional types of intellectual property, etc.).
Can I use IP Accelerator for services that are not trademark-related?
Yes. You may independently engage participating service providers for other IP-related services such as filing design patent applications, copyright applications, or developing holistic brand protection strategies. The fees for these services are to be determined between you and the provider, the IP Accelerator program does currently not offer pre-negotiated rates for those services.
How long it will take to fully register my trademark with a Trademark Office by using IP Accelerator program?
Trademark registration time lines vary by Trademark Office. You can ask your service provider about the status of your trademark application. While your application is being processed by the Trademark Office, you can enroll in Brand Registry with your pending trademark. Please refer to the Brand Registry FAQ for more information.
What happens if my trademark application filed through IP Accelerator is denied?
We regularly monitor the status of trademark applications filed through IP Accelerator. If your application is denied, then you will no longer have access to the brand protection features for that trademark application.
What do I need to do to receive brand protections once my law firm files my trademark application?
Once Amazon becomes aware that you have filed a trademark application through an IP Accelerator law firm, then we will email you an invitation to enroll in Brand Registry. Once you complete that enrollment, we will automatically enroll you in our automated brand protections, provide you with access to the Report a Violation tool, and you will receive access to other brand-building features.
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